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Simple Will

 The  By The People™ Document Preparation Center  Simple Will form is a document that allows you to describe what you want to happen to your property after your death.  With the By The People™ Document Preparation Center ​Simple Will form you may:. 

  • Specify who receives your belongings and assets after your death. 
  • Nominate a guardian to care for and raise your minor children after your death 
  • Identify the person to manage the distribution of your assets after your death. 

 You can read more about wills and the features of the By The People™ Document Preparation Center Simple Will in the By The People™ Document Preparation Center Guide To Wills. You can also ask your By The People™ Document Preparation Center store representative to view a sample of a completed Simple Will. 

Will packages/Codicil

Simple Single Will Package

  • Simple Will 
  • Organizational         Section 
  • Durable Power of        Attorney for        Finances 
  • Advanced Health       Care Directive
  • HIPPA 

Simple Joint Will Package

  • Simple Will (one for         each spouse) 
  • Organizational        Section (one for        each spouse) 
  • Durable Power of        Attorney (one for        each spouse) 
  • Advanced Health        Care Directive
  • HIPPA (one for        each spouse) 

Simple Will Codicil

  • An amendment to        your current Simple        Will (Last Will and        Testament)